CF is not pointing to IPs

Hello, I was using Bluehost to host my website and my NS are pointed to CF. It was working without any problems until I decided to change my host to some other. First problem when I tried to point to new IPs over CF it was still pointing back to BH. But when I remove proxy it was pointing without a problem. I checked community and saw that I should connect to BH support and release CF from their side. And I did that, right now my problem is, it is not pointing to anywhere at all. When I remove proxy it works but other than that nothing happens. I tried to remove domain from CF and add it back no luck. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Are you saying that it’s broken in a different way now? Before, :orange: would show you the BH site, but after you asked BH to remove your domain, :orange: now shows you nothing?

Yes, exactly.

That’s certainly unexpected, as the BH fix should have restored the proper Proxied path to your site.

Can you open a ticket via email? support AT cloudflare DOT com and then post the ticket # here so we can escalate it.

Thank you. Here is the ticket [#2331848]

Ok, I’ve added that ticket to the escalation queue which they should hopefully go through on Monday.


Thanks I’ll be waiting. :slight_smile:

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@user15083 we have received your ticket and will be responding shortly to the ticket.

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This issue is now resolved.

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