CF is blocking traffic with the custom UA


We’re trying to get POST responses from the service which sends them with a custom UA. In result, Cloudflare blocked most of that responses with 403 error. I have created the firewall rule that should pass the responses, but CF are blocking them as well.

Any ideas how to make things works guys?

Firewall Event Log should show you exactly what setting is blocking that request.

If you made a firewall rule to allow it, and its still being blocked, then this might be the automated DDoS protection systems that have flagged this traffic.
If you see in your dash that the mitigating service is “HTTP DDoS” then let us know because we can tweak the sensitivity for your zone to avoid blocking your custom UA.

Where would this be displayed? Fortunately, I’ve never seen it.

In the Firewall Analytics dashboard (in the “Events by service” graph):

And also in the activity log:


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