CF is blocking PayU


Since I have started CF, all of my customer payments are always in pending state eventough they make the payment. I am using payment method called payU. I have spoke with PayU about it and they told me to add some IP adresses to CF which I don’t know how.

When I turned off the proxy, it works as well. I don’t if I should leave turned off.
So could you please help me to do it ? .

Beside everything, how can I send email to CF ? Couldn’t find any info/


Were you able to resolve this @gardenia.emails?

Hello cloonan,

Nope. I have sent email to CF as well but no reply. My customer are not receving any email regarding to their order because of their payments are always in pending state. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Should I turn off the proxy ?

Looking for your help.


This is email PayU sent me

Adding the PayU IP to the list of trusted IP addresses provided in our technical documentation:

Information on this can be found at:

If necessary you can also disable the user-agent header verification: Firewall app → Web Application Firewall.
More information:


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