CF Intentional ban account with over 3k domains, no clear reason - IN PROGRES!

We are not able to add new zones, and CF support is not even replay, waiting over 20 hours now.

This is a forum für customers helping other customers. And er don’t have access to your Aaccount.
These are the only eople who can check and resolve this.

Nevertheless, please provide your ticket id. Perhaps @ryan can have a look.

:wave: Neso,

Hopefully you included more information in your request to support. Is there an error message? What happens when you try to add new zones?


Ticket ID:1590551

We are now waiting for days for support, even we have paid 20$ for one of domains … support say ticket is sent to Trust and Safety team for some reasone but because CF managed to mix up emails (for dashboard they use one email and for support area use other, they confirmed this is bug) there was miscommunication with until we realized about this bug Trust and Safety team now they do not replay for any of emails …

Is there any advice what to do …

Finally replay and they say that we support phishing activity.

This is not true, we do not support, we do not allow or anything like this, we presume problem was with hacked WP sites recently and we removed any instance of phishing pages uploaded to clients sites,but it look like CF think that we support this … We do not support this, also we use reputable DC and they do not allow this.

We are hosting provider with thousands clients, amount of domains in account is almost 3000+ domains, we are CF user for years … I really do not understand this attitude.

We offered them access to verify any claim … We presume they will replay who know when, like we have 1 domain and not 3000 …

So over 3000 free sites? :flushed: wow.

There was more than one site hacked?

The Trust and Safety team sends notifications to the AS owner and they should forward it to you, if some one reportes misbehavior. If you are listed as abuse contact yous should get those mails instead of your hosting provider.

Over 1400+ clients with about 3000 domains, we can not force them to use CF, I do not understand why this is now strange, CF Free is used by any top hosting provider.

If there something missed by us, it is not intentional, again we are taking about larger set of clients, domains not about several domains. We used CF for years and never have this kind of problems.

Again we can offer anything that team wish to check, verify, or at least send us what phishing page is active to verify. Yes, it was around 10-15 account in about 1-2 week period, all WP sites, mostly hacked over plugins.

To continue, now support claim we "intentional phishing activity occurring " and that they terminate account, without any single report what site, what URL nothing …

They claim that they discussed about with us, but there is no single email at all.

OK, I am now positive this is something specific, this is same replay, no single evidence is still provided to us what is exact cause, or what domain, or email where they “talked” with us …

“Sorry we do not offer phone support and the decision is final. The suspension will remain in place and we will not be allowing your account back on our network.”

Can anybody suggest what to do ???

Don’t use Cloudflare. They said in the email that your account will not be re-opened, so the only thing left to do is switch your entire DNS infrastructure to a different provider.

Would like to note that none of us here are affiliated with Cloudflare unless it specifically says that next to our name.

Disregarding whether or not there was malware on your account, the malware and your ticket prompted CF to take a look at your account and realize the Terms of Service violation your account was violating:

Unless otherwise expressly permitted in writing by Cloudflare, you will not and you have no right to:
(a) rent, lease, loan, export or sell access to the Cloud Services to any third party;

Also see that in the API docs,, it specifically states in the Do’s and Don’ts:

What should you avoid doing with Cloudflare APIs?

Do not do any of the following:

  • Abuse Cloudflare systems or customers
  • Misuse Cloudflare trademarks
  • Misrepresent Cloudflare services as your own

Based on the information here, you signing up your clients’ domains to Cloudflare to your own account is probably “misrepresenting Cloudflare services as your own”. What could have remedied this situation is to become a CF hosting partner, where each user ends up with their own account and you end up with a good Contract/SLA between you and Cloudflare:


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