CF initial setup DNS scan

In getting started with Cloudflare and adding my first domain name, CF “will scan your domain’s DNS records”
The CF scan returned 6 A records but our current DNS configuration has 48 A, 3 CNAME, 5 MX, and 4 NS records.

Any insights as to why CF would only discover a fraction of our records?


Cloudflare has a default list of some number of typical DNS records such as:,, etc.

It’s only guessing at what you may be using because it doesn’t use an AXFR Zone Transfer to grab everything. You’re going to have to manually add the missing records yourself.


Due to the way DNS works, it’s not possible for us to import all of your records “as-is”. Instead, our scanning tool searches for the most common DNS records (several thousand) based on our production data. Unfortunately we may not have everything in our list.

Aside from manually entering the records, you may also upload a BIND format DNS file from your previous DNS provider:


Hi Andy, thanks for the info.

Question: in the article you cite it says how to export a zone file from Cloudflare. But what about importing? I’ve been provided with, what the person giving it to me described as, a " ISPCONFIG 3 flat file secondary export". Can I import that? I did find this article - How do I upload a DNS zone file? which talks about the ability to import a “BIND-compatible file format” which you mention. So is a ISPCONFIG 3 flat file the same thing?

PS. As you’ve probably guessed I am not a DNS person but have wound up with this in my lap as I wanted to use the Cloudflare CDN to accelerate our new Wordpress website.

If it looks something like the example on this page, then yes, that’ll do:

Hi, the records kinda-sorta look alike but with some differences in terms of formatting.
For example, the example looks like
www IN A ip.address
whereas in the file I have its
www 86400 A ip.address

Need to find out what the “IN” is for

And thanks for that link. There is a lot of useful info there for a DNS newbies.

I suppose that since CF has not been activated yet I could simply try importing the file and seeing what happens.

Thanks again.

I didn’t think the IN was optional. The 86400 says to cache that record for a day (Time To Live) to speed up queries. That’s an optional field.

Yeah, import it and see what happens. If it complains, then add the IN after the Time To Live value, and before the record type: A, CNAME, NS, TXT, etc.

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