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In this link:

see what bad impacts I raed like:

Some of the Disadvantages of Cloudflare (as of now) :

  1. Setting up a Sub-Domain with Tumblr is not possible

  2. With Cloudflare, setting wildcard subdomains is not possible

  3. Not enough information on data that is cached, which leads to misbelief of whether the things are really getting cached or not.

  4. Does not seem to act like a real CDN, when i pull the website in asia - instead of getting data from singapore datacenter, i get data from california datacenter

5 As earlier said, security blockade is a big concern. you might be loosing a lot of pageviews as most of the peoples networks or computers are infected

Since all your traffic goes through their servers, depending on the options you choose the Cloudflare service:

  • Inject javascript into your code while returning pages.
  • It modifies the code of your pages.
  • Modify the http headers of your pages. For instance, it adds a cookie entry.
  • Cloudflare imposes HTTP/2
  • Cloudflare imposes IPV6 settings
  • IP addresses can get a bad reputation compared to other IP address.

Cloudflare can:

  • hurt your website SEO
  • block your website
  • slow down your website
  • make your website crash. (issue with real IP, https link issues)
  • make your website inaccessible.
  • Monitor all your visitors & gather information about them

also CF will very often send captcha for users which annoying

are above info correct ?


Answering lots of your questions in one go!

You can set up a subdomain of your own domain but you must be able to change the nameservers of the root domain.

You can set wildcard subdomain s but they won’t be proxies

Not as far as I know…

If you violate their TOS…

Generally once CF has been activated a while it speeds up rather than slowing down!

You can set the level at which a Captcha will be received by a user.

Normally only if you configure it wrong.

Lots of your questions will be answered in the KB

Others will probably also answer some of the other questions and chip in…


The first comment on Quora has since been edited:

Edit: Since I posted the answers, most of the disadvantages above have been solved. Kudos to Cloudflare team…

But I would still like to address the concerns that might still be valid:

This is because anycast isn’t always optimized for the best route. It really depends on how ISPs peer with each other and whether or not they directly peer with CF.

As for the second list:

This is only done if you opt to use email obfuscation and/or

This is a tracking cooki for security, it’s GDPR-compliant since no PII is stored (+public interest) and not shared with third-parties.

Both of these are features and both can be turned off.

This is the IP reputation feature, meaning that bad bots and DDOS botnets don’t take down websites or spam them.

Some of your other concerns were taken care of above :slight_smile: let us know if you have more questions.


Welcome to comments on the Internet!

It mostly seems like FUD. Some of the claims are true, some are exaggerated, and some are plain and simple false.


Thank you so much for clarification. I am gana install it in my wp website and will use the free version. Do you have like a video guide on how to best configure cloud flare.

Big thanks

There is lots of info on

You can also look at very basic tutorials here:

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