CF Images Sourcing Kit error


AWS seems to be configured ok but I get this error:
“msg”: “the migration was stopped with an error;
error is: could not get file list from S3, The given account has reached a service limit (0 of 0). Upgrade your plan to increase your service limit.”
I don’t think it’s this, as S3 is functioning just fine and I am testing around with 1 image so it’s hard to believe that I hit any limit.

What it can be?


On another note, I just completed R2 → Data migration → AWS S3 to R2 and it worked just fine But Images → Sourcing Kit still doesn’t work.
It must be a bug with Images → Sourcing Kit?

Hi, did you pre-paid for Image storage? Storage is pre-paid SKU, $5 per 100000 images Pricing · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs


Thank you for your answer.
When I did the onboarding, I choose “Use my own storage”, which allows you to do up to 5k transformations at $0.5/1k:
The Images Light plan lets you transform images that are stored outside of Cloudflare Images without purchasing any storage.

Each unique transformation is billed once per 30-day period, regardless of cache. The 30-day period begins when the unique transformation is first made.

To use Images Light, select Use my own storage when purchasing Images in the dashboard.

As I read it, it should work, with your own storage as well.

Please advise.


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