CF Images not loading (403) due to new CF managed firewall rules

Hi, using CF images to resize some images on our website, like:,h=350,fit=cover,f=auto/

Since I deployed the NEW CF firewall rules, images are not loading anymore. We get this error when the images are accessed directly:

ERROR 9408: Could not fetch the image — the server returned HTTP error 403 Forbidden

When the CF “Cloudflare Managed Ruleset” is disabled the images start loading again. So there is a CF internal conflict. Something for @cloudflare to figure out. But in the meanwhile, which of the 307 rules do i disabled to get these images working again?

You should visit Security Events and find one event where one of your images were blocked. Then follow the instructions I gave to a similar topic.

Thanks for the directions. I needed to disable rule:
Drupal - Anomaly:Header:X-Forwarded-For - CVE:CVE-2018-14774

Not even using Drupal, so no idea why it is enabled anyway.

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