CF Images delivery is TOO Slow

Dear CF community,
We use CF Images to create images size variants for our Music streaming Android application MOOZIK (
We notice that the CF Images solution loads the images too slow.
It takes 2 to 5 seconds to load images on the application and on postman request, also we see that images caching is not really effective.
May be due to frequent revalidation ? We cannot customize the cache-control parameters for these images.
Could you help us to improve this ?
Do we need to upgrade plan or implement other solutions ?
How can we improve caching and delivery of the images variants on the edge ?

Looking forward your prompt feedback.

Can you elaborate, what does frequent revalidation mean in your case? do you re-upload an image to the same custom id?

What is the average size of your images? This is probably the biggest factor. Along with how many assets you are loading on a page on average. We’re loading around 25 images per page and they all load in milliseconds, about as close to instant as possible from a remote host. We use variants to group image assets together by size/dimension so that they get processed in the most optimized manner (at the exact resolution needed).

Not sure what you mean by re-validation. Once an image asset is fetched, it shouldn’t need to re-validate anything…

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