CF Image-resizing is not caching the images

Good day!
We have set Cloudflare for image-resizing from our domain, but checking the caching overview it seems jpeg, png, gifs and the other image formats are not being cache at all and are always served by Origin.
The images url works good but the cf-cache-status received has value DYNAMIC, so something is wrong.
The browser also receives the following header:
cache-control: public, max-age=29030400, immutable

Did we miss a configuration step?
Here’s an example of the url:,quality=75/

Thank you to anyone that can answer, techincal support by Cloudflare is completely absent :slight_smile:

hi, source image (the one from ipfs) does not have a file extension, and it is not cache by Cloudflare.

Hi Alex, thanks for the answer!
Is there a way to tell Cloudflare to cache it anyway?
We can’t really do much about ipfs image not having an extension, but we are 100% sure that’s an image and it should be cached.


It would be possible to set cache rules or enable everything if were your zone.

otherwise you can use worker for original fetch:

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