CF http2 to client OK, but server to CF only http1.1


I was checking the traffic from my apache server and i find strange that cloudflare is only using HTTP/1.1 to communicate with it.

I have activated the option to use HTTP2 here, but it looks like only works between client and cloudflare, not between server and cloudflare.

Example of how it’s currently working for understanding

MyServer -> HTTP/1.1 only -> Cloudflare -> H2 -> Client

is there a way to use or check if http2 between myserver and cloudflare is even being used?

and yes, outside of cloudflare my server works correctly under http2

Cloudflare uses 1.1 to reach the server. Maybe someday they’ll do http/2, but this is it for now.

sadly it makes no sense at all how one of the main advantages of http2 is being wasted like that

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Cloudflare isn’t a web browser. A proxy server doesn’t need to make the same requests a client might and there are other optimizations they might choose to prioritize

— OG

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