CF for Teams Blocks Mac System Traffic

Installed CF For Teams on Mac. Music, Apple TV, etc. and other system services do not work when turned on.

When I asked support, they didn’t know what to do, so it got escalated. I waited a week for an escalation only for them to say – put in an exception. I ask, an exception for what? There has to be a better solution here. So they are asking me to capture all of my Mac network traffic, figure out which ones Music is using, and unblock what I want to get through.

If this is the case, why even have a Mac app? Thoughts?

Hi There!

When you say exception, have you tried using Apple Do not Decrypt category and bypass TLS inspection? Is this the MAC app you are referring to?

The issue here sounds to be due to certificate pinning. We do have a solution that is to bypass TLS decryption for such apps.


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