CF error 520 is keep coming intermittently on our domains

Recently for last 4 weeks Cloudflare error 520 is keep coming intermittently on most of our domains. We have checked all error logs of server and there is no issue we can see there, if we pause the Cloudflare then there is no issue but with Cloudflare it works for few hours and then suddenly shows Cloudflare error 520, and upon refreshing the page error goes away itself… ‘Always On’ is already disabled as suggested.

Not sure but seems like it is related to DC upgrade or something as mentioned here Cloudflare Status - Upcoming Datacenter Upgrades since 520 error has started coming after this upgrade. Otherwise we never faced this issue with our websites.

It seems like our zone is also facing the same issue which you guys fixed for others in this post Cloudflare Status - Elevated 520 errors on Free Zones

Can you please check and correct our zones too

Please find some Ray IDs:
Ray ID: 68e860efbced4a95
Ray ID: 68e8b93b9f1c189b
Ray ID: 68e911464bd34bec
Ray ID: 68f15d0f4c44dcee
Ray ID: 68f161426d54dcee
Ray ID: 68f29585a9724a4d
Ray ID: 69002f34fe1649a8

FYI: I also opened a ticket #2250948 for this but no one replied in last 5 days.

any updates here? we are also having a similar issue.

No, Cloudflare keep repeating to provide HAR and other files with CF turned off and turned on. We did provide them files etc without any luck. Their answers come back after 6-7 days…

We could not wait so long, finally we had to move our zone into paid one and this issue resolved itself.

Hi @deniz.gokcin would you be able to send me your domain name or support ticket number? I am reviewing the issue flagged here and want to see if your 520 is related.

Please keep in mind that 520 is a catch-all error and therefore this error can occur for a variety of different reasons when Cloudflare is connecting/communicating with your origin server. Please ensure you’ve reviewed this article for common causes: Troubleshooting Cloudflare 5XX errors – Cloudflare Help Center

Hello Garret and thank you for the quick response.

Our domain is On Monday this week we noticed that only some of our users have the attached error when they try accessing our homepage.

Today between 11:52-15:00 GMT +3 we had a different issue where some of our users were not able to load our website(no errors, just not loading the page) and some of our users seeing a 524 error.(screenshots attached)

We are sure that nothing is wrong in the application since the issue disaapeared when we toggled off the cloudflare proxy option in our dns addresses and used amazon’s cloudfront for cdn instead of cloudflare.

We appreciate any help.


deniz gökçin

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