CF enfource HTTPs while the DNS Sub Domain run in DNS only

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Based on my understanding related to proxied status as a (DNS Only), the CF does not apply any roles or actions running on the CF and keep forwording the traffic to the backend application or web server.

Currently, i’m facing an isssue where my sub domain (api) running on DNS Only not proxied with CF and the CF enfource the user to automatically login through HTTPs instead of HTTP in case the user try to access the website.

However, if i’m using the cURL command with the postman app or through linux command using GET methods to access the web site the HTML code will be returned successfully.

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Faisal K. Alaskar.

Yes, on everything that is DNS-Only :grey: no Cloudflare rules/settings will be applied - just DNS.
So if you want your subdomains which are not proxied by Cloudflare to be secure, you need to setup a valid SSL Cert. Which you really also should do for your APEX Domain.

Flexible SSL is not secure!

Thanks M4rt1n for your response.

Actulty i need the traffic to be HTTP not a HTTPs for that particular sub domain. But the issue here is the CF enfouce the rerout the client browser to redirect the traffic to be HTTPs instead of HTTP.

While the Postman application is accepting the call through HTTP using the sub domain and retrieve the expected response from the backend server.

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Faisal K. Alaskar.

My exceptation is the main domain is accepting the HTTPs request an i’s proxied through CF with the client certificate. But the sub domain (api) i need it only the DNS since the web-server handling the comminications and applying the allowlisting on the IPs and URI.

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Faisal K. Alaskar.

if your api subdomain is in DNS-Only :grey: mode, then it is not Cloudflare who is redirecting it to HTTPS, unless you have enabled HSTS and enabled it for the whole domain + subdomains.


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