CF Email Routing + third-party SMTP server for outgoing mail?

Hello, is it possible to forward emails from a Clouflare registered domain to a personal Gmail account and then use some third-party hosting provider to create an email account just for sending emails with their SMTP server?
If so, how can I do that?
Which DNS records do I have to change and how? Probably SPF?
What else am I missing to make it work?

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From what I understand, I might be wrong, the first part is possible, but about the second one "creating email account with third-party email service / [email protected] where, or not is using Cloudflare) I am afraid this is currently not possible as far as I have used this feature.

Cloudflare Registrar does not currently support email forwarding. If you require email forwarding from your registrar, you will need to use a third-party forwarding service and configure your MX record in the Cloudflare DNS setting for the domain.

When Email Routing is configured and running, no other email services can be active in the domain you are configuring. If there are other MX records already configured in DNS, Cloudflare will ask you if you wish to delete them. If you do not delete existing MX records, Email Routing will not be enabled.

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply from someone who is more experienced, and/or uses this feature for a longer period of time or try using the search :search: for potentially more helpful information.

Helpful reource:

You can send by using the free tier from a service like SendinBlue.

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I’ve managed to make it work :slight_smile:

It can be done with any SMTP server and even the free Gmail SMTP service can be used.

All that’s needed is an SPF record that includes the SMTP server I’m using and it just works.

I’m still waiting for Cloudflare to activate email routing on one of my domains to continue testing this setup.


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