CF Email routing question

Hello, new to cloudflare. Having an issue with outbound email. Setup my domain fine, DNS records, A and MX, all inbound email works fine, outbound email is working (able to send messages to gmail accounts), website traffic works, all is great. My issue is with the DNS block list gatekeepers that block my outbound emails since I am running all of this behind a dynamic ISP issued address, so my IP winds up in the PBL (Policy block list) on spamhaus.

Will the cloudflare email routing feature get around this block listing issue? My email server is secure, and it works fine egress and ingress, and I don’t want to have to pay another $50 a month for a static IP. Let me know how you got around the dynamic IP limitations of sending outbound email. Really just need a relay service authorized to send outbound messages on my behalf since inbound email is no issue.

I’m afraid that Cloudflare’s new email routing feature is for inbound email. It’s just a forwarder to send mail for an address at your domain to your preferred email account.

Ok thanks for the heads up. Will try to see if postmark or has this option.

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