Cf-edge-cache response header is missing

I added my blog website to Cloudflare.
I installed Cloudflare wordpress plugin and when I go to setting page I am facing below issues :-

  • Unable to apply recommended Cloudflare settings for wordpress (on click apply spinner get sniping)
  • Unable to activate automatic platform optimization (get deactivated again when reload page again)
  • Getting warning message “cf-edge-cache response header is missing! Please clear any server cache used via other plugins.” in automatic platform optimization section.

Hello, nice to greet you.

I wanted to know if you solved the issue, I am presenting the same problem, only that in my WordPress site if I am using a plugin ‘WP Rocket’ Version 3.13.2 - But only one site is the one that is generating this problem, since I have implemented a multisite.

Same exact problem.

Seriously? An entire year without a solution??