CF domain registration and DNS question

Hi, I am thinking of using CF Domain Registration (coming from Google Domains).

Can I have the free account, register a few domains (for $), without using other CF services?

With the free CF account, can I have subdomains in CF’s DNS that have different records (different from apex). For example, A and CNAME, in addition to apex settings:

I could not tell from the CF documentation if the above is possible in the free account.

Are simple email forwards available in the free account, for an apex domain. For example, email to bob - mydomain goes to bob - yahoo - com — I assume in this case that mydomain’s MX is a Cloudflare server?


Yes to most, if not all.

You’d still be using Cloudflare’s DNS services (for free). Cloudflare Registrar requires that you use Cloudflare DNS, which is pretty much standard DNS.

Yep. As I said, it’s standard DNS. Then it’s up to you if you want to proxy those records (for free) through Cloudflare for speed, security, and the other regular (free) features.

Yep. No problem for Apex.


sdayman, thanks for the info!

You say “up to you if you want to proxy those records” – if I register my domain at CF and use CF name servers, then what does it mean to “proxy those records”?

Actually, I just read:

and that answered my question. My websites are low-traffic, family-related sites and so the CF reverse proxy and caching would not be needed.

Low traffic sites can still benefit from the security features of the Cloudflare proxy as well as the performance benefits. You certainly don’t have have to use them either, if you prefer not to.

Good points, thanks!

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