CF domain Ipv4 for "Content" line required - can't find numbers

Both domains in question are registered on CF. My domain #1 is now decommissioned but I need to redirect all traffic going to this domain with my new CF domain #2. Let’s call them and I currently have cfdomain1 in Page Rules set to redirect as I’ve done with many other domains for redirecting purposes, referral links, etc., but it won’t redirect cfdomain1 without the DNS lines or fields configured correctly, hence my inquiry here. These other single-purpose domains have what looks like an IP address in the “Content” field in DNS settings for “A Name”. These numbers are already there by default, but I had to delete these numbers when I was using outside DNS settings like I’m currently using for cfdomain2. The “A Name” settings would be either for WWW or @. Without these (IP Address looking) numbers, I cannot proceed. Where do I find these default numbers in my CF account for the domains?

If you need an IP address for the domain you are redirecting from, then it’s recommended to use a proxied dummy value of A or AAAA 100::. They don’t route anywhere, but as the IP address is actually ignored when redirecting, you just need one so the request resolves to Cloudflare.

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