CF does not support ipv6 proxy?

Hello everyone

I have a server only have ipv6 address and add 2 AAAA record, one I used CF proxy another not. Now I can access my Nginx server without the proxy. If I use a proxy then get a 522 error code. When I use proxy my Nginx server can’t receive any requests, I checked the Nginx access log found no request. I think the key point is that the CF does not use the ipv6 server to proxy the client request, so the ipv6 client can access my server easily. I hope the CF team will handle this problem.
By the way, ipv6 is the future.

I’ve proxied an IPv6-only server through Cloudflare. Just the one address on the server, but it did work.

But since you mentioned a 522 error:

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Thank you MVP to answer my question, now I see how to do :heart:


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