CF dns says my domain doesn't have an mx record when it really does


Hello Everyone,

I just started moving my dns to cloudflare in the last few days. I’ve transfered to domains. My problem that I’m having is when I transfered the second domain it didn’t transfer the mx record. so I made sure to create an a record pointing at my mail server. I made sure to uncheck the cloud proxy option. I then added an mx record, gave it the name: mail, and value: I then set the priority to 10 and added the record. but when ever the page loads it tells me there is no mx record in my dns record. I’ve contacted CF support, but haven’t heard back from them. before I transfer more domains, I have like 10-15 of them, I want to make sure things will work.

Any help you all can give would be greatly appreciated.


Whats the domain and post a screenshot of your DNS records (redact IP addresses if necessary).


Hi, just as an FYI, I am blind. I don’t have any eye sight. So screen shots are hard for me to work with so I duplicated the dns data table with excel. The ‘+’ means the cloud proxy is enabled, and “-“ means it is not checked.

My domain:








points to x.x.x.x



Your nameserver setup looks all right, the problem is you do not seem to have MX records configured. What you posted appears to be an A record of the name aira. An MX record might eventually point to that A record (or a different one, depends what you want to configure) but you first need the MX record.

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Just a note, you do appear to have an MX record with the name ‘mail’, this should probably be for @ instead.

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