CF DNS forward to home ddns

Hi All

Been a while since using CF for a personal site. I have a purchased domain and have added Cloudflare’s DNS entries in their DNS record. It’s showing as good in CF dashboard.

I am now trying to forward this to my Raspberry PI which is at home. I have a ddns entry saved in my router which works well. Added this ddns entry as a cname in the DNS section of Cloudflare but it doesn’t seem to be working. Ive added both the full domain name and ‘www’ then my ddns entry in the content section. Proxy is on.

Have I done this correctly?


ok, Im getting closer. connection test shows OK from browser to CF, but getting a connection close and 522 error to my server, so it doesnt seem to be forwarding to my router (ddns domain)

Also ran a tcpdump on my server at home and nothing on 443. Router is allowing the port (forwarded to my server), firewalld allowing it as well. 443 running fine on apache

tried changing DNS in CF (removed cname for my ddns records and added a records for the current public IP instead)
Same result. 522 error, no traffic hitting my router FW.

Any ideas on this would be much appreciated

What is the domain name?

nevermind - seems I had a config issue in my apache setup. It works now using cname entries to my ddns domain

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