CF Dallas POP => OVH CA Offline

Hi everyone,

It seems a few of my users including myself routing through CloudFlare’s Dallas POP server to my OVH machine in Canada are having issues. I thought this was on a global scale at first, but after asking other users and using a test VM I have in New Jersey, I’ve discovered it’s mostly accessible via users routing through other POP servers. It appears this is only impacting users routing through the Dallas POP.

The CF page states the host is down. I tried running an MTR from the OVH machine back to the IP I resolve to my domain name (CloudFlare) and it replies back fine. Though, it’s very possible it’s using a different source IP when forwarding traffic back to the web server. My guess is there is some sort of routing issue ongoing.

From what I’ve seen, none of the affected user’s packets have made it back to the web server via packet capture.

This issue started occurring around 7:00 AM CST. I was wondering if anybody else was seeing this issue or not.

If you need additional information such as web server IP addresses, I’d prefer keeping that in a DM with verified staff since I do not want to expose the web server IPs, etc. Here is also OVH’s ASN if needed.

Thank you for your time!

It sounds to me that the OVH end has blocked the DFW IP address(es).

Have you asked OVH if they can allowlist

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Yes, can confirm, seeing a lot of 522 errors from Dallas and Atlanta datacenters (only from those) to our OVH servers this morning.

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@sdayman I made a ticket with OVH to ensure they weren’t filtering anything. Thank you!

@bbbear Thank you for confirming!

My websites are now accessible from my end just starting a few minutes ago. Is anybody else having issues or have they been resolved for now?

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Yep, it appears the issue has now been fixed. Not seeing any more errors to our servers any more. Of course right after I opened tickets with CF and OVH. :slight_smile:


@bbbear Glad it’s working for you now! I received the following link/incident from OVH and it appears to have been an issue with their POP server in Dallas.


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