CF-Connecting-IPv6 Header question

Does CF-Connecting-IPv6 header send through full ipv6 or shortened from the cloudflare proxy?

Also does CF-Connecting-IP only show IPv4

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I just made a curl request to a Cloudflare :orange: proxied site using IPv6 and leading zeroes were not present in the hextets. My IP had no hextets that were all zeroes, so I don’t know if they get condensed to ::.

You may want to engage in similar testing on your own site to obtain firsthand data.

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CF-Connecting-IP will have the client address, whether IPv4 or IPv6. CF-Connecting-IP6 is only relevant if you are using Pseudo IPv4, which you probably aren’t.

My Apache logs (using CF-Connecting-IP) do show abbreviated addresses, with all-0 segments omitted.


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