CF CNAME to AWS Route 53 latency based routing

Hi folks!

I’m using Cloudflare + AWS Route 53 since a while to get CF security features + AWS Route 53 latency based routing to various ELBs, in USA, Europe and Asia.
It appears that since a month, most of the world traffic is being redirected to the USA servers, instead of reaching the closest region.

You can easily test it, if you are not in the USA:

Cloudflare DNS record: CNAME “tracking” to “” - Proxied.

When accessing the page from France, I see most of the time popup-prod-usa-X - I should see popup-prod-eu-X.
The server name is visible directly on the HTML page, and in the header X-WisePops-Server.

So my questions are:

  • Could Cloudflare proxy all request to a USA edge server because it thinks that my origin server is in the USA? Argo is not renabled on my domain.
  • How can I debug this? I tried to find some doc on the web, but I didn’t achieve to make sure that I understand the real problem. shows me that I am reaching the correct CF server (CDG, located near Paris).

Many thanks for your help!

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