CF check email suppression list verification


We are another one of the folks who are unable to receive the verification email, so we’re not able to verify our account. Could one of the CF folks check the suppression list. Thanks.

bumping this for support

need CF support to check if our email is on the suppression list and release it so that we can verify our email address.

Are you able to confirm that the problematic email address is the exact same email address, as you’re using here on the Cloudflare Community, and which is shown (eventually, after clicking on Expand) in your profile, on the following link?

Im actually trying to redirect it to another gmail account that has been configured in CF’s destination address.

For context, I am trying to set up email marketing on convertkit. I want my emails to come from my domain configured and managed by Cloudflare console.

Convert Kit email address specified: [email protected]
Cloudflare custom address specified: [email protected]
Destination: [email protected]

It works via a direct email being sent, I also see in the CF dashboard that it has been forwarded successfully. But when it comes to a convertkit verfication email, nothing comes in with a a status of forwarded, dropped, bounced at all.

That provided some more context to the issue, where I first of all will add:

Relying on mission critical emails, and passing them through one or more forwarding services, are two things that don’t go hand in hand.

If you rely on your email messages, then DO NOT use any email forwarding services (regardless whether it is Cloudflare Email Routing, or any other email routing/forwarding services by other organisations), in order to retrieve them.

Make them go directly.

In this case, you can see that Cloudflare Email Routing works perfectly fine, and that your issue has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

When you do not see the message in Email Routing dashboard, no attempts has ever been made (from the sender) to deliver the message to Cloudflare’s Email Routing service.

It could be due to being on a suppression list, with the indicated [email protected] address.

However, in that case, the suppression list you’re on will be at a place that comes before Cloudflare, such as ConvertKit’s own suppression list, or the suppression list of ConvertKit’s provider (if they’re using a third party to act on their behalf for these verification messages).

You will therefore need to contact ConvertKit (or any other sender), when the message doesn’t appear in your Email Routing dashboard, to have them troubleshoot why (it appears like) they are not sending out the message.