“CF-Cache-Status” header is missing on domain. Why?

Thats not quite accurate

“Cf-cache-status” appears according to your IP address. Try to change your IP and check.

It shouldn’t be IP address dependent.

Static resources, such as .css, are cached, but home pages are not. Unless you add a Page Rule.

Can you post a screenshot similar to @sandro’s that’s not being cached?

According to Google Chrome. Yeah. talking about home page. How to do that home page also using page rules.

Add a Page Rule:
Match: and Add Setting for Cache Level: Cache Everything. And another setting for Edge Cache TTL: (a long time). And another setting for Browser Cache (also a long time).

This will cache the HTML of that home page for as long as Cloudflare will let it sit in the cache. As it’s a static page, Cache Everything is a safe bet.

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Thank you. Have a nice day! :raising_hand_man: :+1:

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