Cf-cache-status return different status under incognito/private mode

Hello All,

I am troubleshooting webiste loading performance issue. We observed the website loaded almost instantly under incognito (Chrome) or private mode (Firefox) but took 7-10 sec under normal mode.

Further investigation found cf-cache-status returned “DYNAMIC” under normal mode but it shows “HIT” under incognito and private mode with same URL.

According to CloudFlare document, DYNAMIC means not cached and requests will always go to the origin that may explaining the issue.

However, why cf-cache-status return different status between normal and private/incognito mode with identical URL? How do I resolve the problem?

Much appreciate your support!

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David Lee.

My guess would be that in non-incognito mode, whatever page you’re visiting is one you can optionally be logged in when you visit, and maybe CF notices a logged in session cookie and deems the page dynamic in case it changes when logged in. Just my guess.

After further investigation, I found there is a particular cookie causing the problem. The problem solved after remove the cookie.

Thanks for advise!

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