Cf-cache-status - not showing

When I view the headers in browser(by going to network tab) – the cloudflare headers are not showing, no dynamic, no miss and no hit, nothing, not even when I click on the static files.

In static files I do not see -> server: cloudflare but I see my server(nginx)

I waited more than 12 hours hoping for the cache to propagate and yet nothing shows.

Would you provide your Domain so we can have a look?

You can check my website here ->

You are not using CloudFlare.
Your NameServers (NS) are:


Please change them to your CloudFlare NameServers which you will find in your DashBoard. is a URL shortener not my domain.
This link-> will redirect you to my domain.

I dont like LinkShortener which are tracking etc. In the future please just provide your Domain not a Link Shortener.

I though it was handy to post it using a link-shortener β€” β€œfor now” do you want me to paste the URL or have you already clicked the link.

And there we go


Probably a DNS propagation issue at your end. I would expect it to work on your end by now as well.

I have been able to see those headers only when I used this command in m server curl -I But those headers would not appear when I would check the network tab in a real browser, that’s why I was worried?

Will be DNS propagation.

They do appear now, dont they?

Ehm, you have changed away from Cloudflare.

I deleted the site because maybe I had done an error during server setup. Also, I waited for a response from the first guy who jumped into the topic I created, he did not answer after a long time(I thought it was the time to start over).

Well, the domain was working fine on Cloudflare.

Yes, the domain was working fine. But, when you check the response header of other website that use cloudflare, and these websites have in the response header server: cloudflare and you website does not. Then, you start to think that something is wrong.

Sure, though that was aforementioned DNS issue. Anyhow, now its up to you whether you readd it or not :slight_smile:

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