Cf-cache-status MISS

Nice to meet you.

We have posted a problem that can not be solved by any means.

I have set Cache Level: Cache Everything in Page Rules settings, but only one of the two operating sites does not cache the top page according to the attached image.

Cloudflare’s cookie and origin server’s cookie exist, and even if the page is reloaded, cf-cache-status MISS remains.

How can I solve this problem?

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Hi @leoraphael,

I do see your home page as cached after refreshing the page twice on Chrome:

Check your browser for any extension that may be interfering with the page loading.

Thank you for your reply.

If I use Chrome for verification, I get cf-cache-status MISS.

It becomes hit when it is tablet mode and mobile mode of responsive design, but only desktop mode is not solved by all means.

I just tested it again, on Chrome, Chrome Canary, Firefox and Opera, all for desktop, and I get cf-cache-status HIT every time.

So I really don’t know what else to suggest other than to check if any Chrome extension may be interfering with your requests.

If you cannot find out, you may want to open a ticket with support, perhaps it’s a data center issue.

I tested it with GTmetrix and REDbot, but confirmed that it becomes HIT only when connected to cf-ray: NRT (probably a server in Japan).

In the image, CF-RAY: 4dbb78a3e846a43f-AKL and other servers in countries other than Japan will be MISS, so cache may not be reflected well.

Of these two sites, only this site is CF-Cache-Status: MISS, so PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix can not measure correctly, so I am really in trouble.

For the purpose of measuring speed using GTMetrix, one has to keep in mind that GTMetrix will only hit a cached file in the second attempt to fetch it, not in the first. So if you request a test from a server in Canada, and another test from a server in Asia, they are likely to get MISS on both.

Using is better in this respect, as it allows you to test with 2 or more consecutive runs, giving you a better picture, as you’ll may or may not get a HIT on the first run, but are likely to get it on the second or third run.


I used to connect to a server from Japan to Dallas in the US, and I became cf-cache-status: MISS for both the second and third times.

As I did not know the cause at all, I issued a ticket and inquired to support as I received the advice earlier.

I just hope that a solution can be found.

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I investigated variously and tried to solve it, but I still can not solve the problem.

If you have any ideas for a solution, I would be glad to write it.

I solved this topic.@cbrandt I’m really thankful to you!


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