Hi, I’m getting cf-cache-status:MISS on one of my resources, and DYNAMIC on the other. I assume MISS implies CloudFlare is not caching my resource. How do I fix it?
It a resource on Google Cloud Storage which is being directed to CF.

Thx, gani –

It means this request was (this time) not served from cache. Just reload some more times and see if it gets cached.

This means your cache file will not be cached as it is dynamic. Probably we are talking about a HTML file. To cache them you would have to activate “Cache Everything” with a PageRule.

@M4rt1n, thanks! I did make a page rule to Cache Everything, and now one of the files did change to HIT but the other file didn’t change from DYNAMIC. BTW, it is a fairly big WASM file (~ 125MB). Should that make a difference? Here is the image.
Thx! gani -

The Limit should be 512MB therefore it should be cached. Maybe reload it some more times or adopt the PageRule to match its URL aswell.

What fileextension does this file have?

File name is coolprop.wasm. I’ll try your other suggestion as well though one would think that with wildcard ‘*’ all files in the subdomain should be picked up. Will try reloading couple of times and see what happens.



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