Cf-cache-status: MISS on my websites

Hello everyone.
I am totally new to Cloudflare I’m still struggling to set it up correctly. I’ve looked into this post about the same issue but didn’t understand what to do :confused:

I have built two different WooCommerce websites hosted on PlanetHoster on a LiteSpeed server. I have set up Cloudflare for both website and it seems to be ok except that for both websites I’m getting a Cf-cache-status: MISS for all ressources when checking on GTmetrix / Webpagetest.

Here are the websites : and

I’m pretty sure I had a Cf-cache-status: HIT for two days ago but not anymore. Between two days ago and today the support of PlanetHoster did some changes in my .htaccess I believe, to try to fix a UpdraftPlus (backup plugin) / Google Drive / Litespeed server issue. I don’t know if that could be the reason it’s not working.

Also, for : nameservers changes for Cloudflare ones was done 24h ago, but when running a test with this tool it Cloudflare seems to be running fine.

I’m very lost and would much appreciate some help with this.
Thanks everyone and have a great weekend !

It looks like a HIT to me. Where are you seeing the MISS?

Hey sdayman, thanks for your answer.

In GTmetrix as you can see here (I checked the same item than you ) :

It takes a few visits before a file consistently shows a HIT. And if that file isn’t requested that much, it will be evicted from the cache before its expiration date.

Oh so I shouldn’t worry too much about it for now, since both webistes are not visible to public yet (there is normally a Maintenance page I just disabled before posting here about my “issue”) ?

I’m wondering why you get a HIT and I get a MISS though. Can it be because I’m in France and you’re somewhere else in the world ?

Also, should I check back a few days / weeks after these websites go public and then if I get a MISS on all files it’ll mean there is a problem ?

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