Cf-cache-status miss on Chrome (but not Firefox) with SXG

I recently upgraded to Pro, I enabled APO and enabled Automatic Signed Exchanges (SXGs). I noticed I was getting cf-cache-status: MISS on HTML pages (all other resources such as images and javascript were getting a HIT). I finally realized it is only a MISS with Chromium browsers (Chrome, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.). Every curl test I did showed a HIT, and FireFox also was showing a cf-cache-status: HIT.

Toggling APO doesn’t seem to make a difference. But I think this may be related to SXG. With SXGs disabled I’m getting a cf-cache-status: HIT from Chromium browsers. With it enabled I’m getting a MISS. Is this expected behavior? Or is the cf-cache-status even relevant with SXG?

Hi and yes, this is already reported and the team is working on it. Please notice, that this:

  1. is not affecting cache/performance at all
  2. is just “miss labeling” the cf-cache-status header
  3. does just apply to the initial request and AFAIK only if it is HTML
  4. just happens on newer Chromium based browsers.

Thanks for your report! If you like you can open a support ticket, by writing an EMail to:
support [at] cloudflare [dot] com and post the ticket #ID here, once you get one.


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