Cf-cache-status MISS and server response time

Dear sir,
i am using your CDN Service on my site but i face issue about cache status miss. for your review here is report:

i know after same tests many times its show hit but why not first time because these are my theme files and its using for every visitor. so why not using hit for first new visitor.
Please cache my theme files.

Issue: cf-cache-status MISS

second Question my site is show more server response time when i activate cloudflare if i bypass cloudflare its coming again 200 ms for original server response time.

Thank so much for help.

Cloudflare is a Pull CDN. And there are many caches spread throughout the world. The first request will always be a MISS so it can add the file to the cache.

Cloudflare still has to connect to your server to get content, which is what a Proxy server does. This adds a slight delay, but that should be offset once your files are cached.

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