Cf-cache-status HIT for request reaching our servers


Setup / caching rules:
We had the domain cache rule set to “ignore query string” and a Page Rule set to “”.

Two questions:

  1. Can you confirm that the Page Rule overrides the domain rule in this scenario?
  2. Can you explain why I was getting responses with cf-cache-status HIT for requests that hit our back servers? It looks as though there was an incoherence and that the cf-cache-status should have been set to MISS if the requests hit our own back servers.


Maybe there’s a cache-control header on your webserver?

Try adding a page rule (make sure this is the only one and it doesn’t conflict with others) and set* Cache-Level: Bypass

That should work. Give it some time to update. Try going to a different url on your server and see if it caches. Cloudflare caches for quite some time, especially if it’s a free account. It probably isn’t purging the cache on update.

If anything, you can consider purging everything:
(Purging cached resources from Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center)


We do not set a cache-control header on our webservers. I assume your suggestion of trying the BYPASS Page Rule was for that, right?

I guess we just noticed a constant increase of requests on our backend servers since we added that Page Rule* with cache everything.

Can you confirm that a Page Rule cache everything overrides the domain cache rule “Ignore Query Strings” and that now we cache not ignoring query strings?

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