CF Cache Status HIT Despite Checking "Disable Cache" in DevTools

I’ve checked “Disable Cache” on DevTools and confirmed that cache-control: no-cache header is being sent in the request. However, in the response headers, I’m till seeing cf-cache-status: HIT when I expect to see BYPASS. What am I missing here?

The user request doesn’t control origin caching behavior.

Not sure I understand.

How do I then make a request that bypasses Cloudflare’s cache? I basically want to force fetch the response from the origin server.

If a client could send a request with a no-cache header and have Cloudflare honor it, it would allow anyone on the internet to DDoS a website. The cache headers are created on the origin and tell the browser (and intermediary servers) if a resource should be cached or not and for how long.

A number of ways:

Use query string parameters
Use a page rule
Write a worker to bypass cache


Thank you, that makes sense!

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