Cf-cache-status: EXPIRED After Purging Cache


I am new to Cloudflare, hope an experts can help me with my issue:

  1. I Purge Everything.

  1. Then on Chrome browser clicking on Empty Cache and Hard Reload (Chrome console must be open)

  1. Then seeing cf-cache-status: EXPIRED on Chrome console Network tab, Doc tab, clicking page and selecting Headers tab.

After reloading the page again cf-cache-status is HIT as it should.

If this is normal behaviour or I am missing something?

This is normal. First load of the resource will get EXPIRED status, then you’ll get HIT status.

@erictung ok, thanks for the answer, can you please clarify does this mean when first load of the resource and getting EXPIRED status Cloudflare CDN is not working and just my origin server is working instead? So all the content is loading not from Cloudflare CDN but from my origin server? Hope I am wrong and Cloudflare CDN is working fine.

You purged the cache. This effectively invalidates all the cache in Cloudflare CDN. That’s why when you load a particular resource for the first time after you purge the cache, you’ll get EXPIRED first. But subsequent requests will hit the cache, so no worries.


@erictung thanks for the explanation, hope all works fine.

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