CF cache Status - dynamic

i have setup page rule to cache everything but still i am not getting a Hit on CF cache status, any help?

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A common reason for the Cloudflare cache not hitting is when you have an external cache, this can be implemented by your host or via a plugin. I recommend disabling all external caching, clear any caches you have and then try again, to see if the cache hits.

I also recommend you ensure your page rules are set up correclty. You can check the page rules by logging into the Cloudflare dashboard and navigating to the “Page Rules” section. Ensure that the rules are set correctly for the URL or type of content that you are trying to cache.

You can see more about Cloudflare’s cache here:

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i disabled all cache plugins, purged the cache and still says dynamic any other suggestions?

page rules does show to cache everything for*

actually sorted it thanks