Cf-cache-status Dynamic

It seems like my site and its subdomain have Cloudflare, however when I check the headers, the cf-cache-status says Dynamic. I’ve read that it should say HIT if it’s working properly on the site.
The two sites I’m working on…

Any help fixing this would be much appreciated! Everything seems right as far as I can tell, but I’m no expert at this.
Thank you!

When the cache status is dynamic, it means that Cloudflare considers the asset eligible to cache (Docs).

If you want to use custom caching, then you can use a page rule.

Thank you!

Actually if I can follow up… Reading that article it says it’s not eligible for cache… I definitely could be misunderstanding but it says…

“Cloudflare does not consider the asset eligible to cache and your Cloudflare settings do not explicitly instruct Cloudflare to cache the asset. Instead, the asset was requested from the origin web server.”

What it means is that Cloudflare does not detect it to be eligible for cache, but you can still override those settings with a Page Rule.

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I really appreciate your help, if I may ask which Page Rule is required to override it/correct it?

Something like this

Also a step by step guide:

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