Cf-cache-status DYNAMIC need some help on page rules

Plan free

Page rule as

* *

Broswer Cache TTL a day
Cache Level Cache Everything
Edge Cache TTL 2hours

The full url is[email protected]@images/image/large

I have try tow days still don’t know how to make it work, hope someone can help.

If you want to cache all the content located in the “/photographs” path, then try to add * at the end of the page rule.

Example page rule:*

Note that, your page rule might cache sensitive pages (i.e admin page) which visitors shouldn’t see. Be careful with that.

@kocakserdar1 thanks for your quick reply … sorry for my typo I do have * iin the end buy still noway to got HIT

Cloudflare will cache URL based on fileextensions. To see which fileextensions CF will cache check here:

Your URL ends with /large which is:

  1. no fileextension
  2. not a valid fileextension

therefor it will not be cached.
To solve this pls restructure the URLs of your Images so they end with a supported fileextension like .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .webp

@M4rt1n it mean if sent page rule to cache everything but if the url is no extension cloudflare still not cache?

True, Cache Everything should also cache other extensions. Could you provide a real URL of a Image where the Cache everything ruel should apply but does not?

Have you already (after cache everything) cleared all caches in CloudFlare?

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