Cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC for static HTML response

On my website, most responses explicitly set a cache-control header. This also gets propagated as a response to the main website.

A specific cache rule on Cloudflare is set to act according to origin server rules both on the edge cache and the browser cache.

However, cf-cache-status remains DYNAMIC. So I was wondering if this is still a misconfiguration or if this depends on my paid tier on Cloudflare (I’m on FREE plan).

Because here it says that edge cache TTL on the free plan must be at minimum 2hrs

So is this why cf-cache-status is DYNAMIC?

btw I originally wrote this post with links and images included to make it much more helpful, but this forum is awful and limits any usage of links for users. Not good Cloudflare!

Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML unless cache everything rule is present:

Can you confirm this is present?