Cf-cache-status BYPASS

Hola tengo problemas con mi sitio no logro que me lo cache me dice que el status es bypass eh probado varias cosas.
El sitio es
Me pueden ayudar?

It looks ok to me. How are you testing your site?

I am testing with gmetrix

That’s not the URL you posted.

The Tienda page set a Cookie. Anything with a cookie should not be cached.

Also the home is bypassing in gtmetrix.
What shoud I do not to set that cookie en WP? Do you know?

It’s pretty risky to cache when there’s a cookie. And Cloudflare doesn’t cache web pages in its default configuration. What setting are you using to cache the home page?

Rule page cache everything

As I said. Risky. Espeically on a store site.

The good news is that you’re using WordPress, and Cloudflare has APO (Automatic Platform Optimization) that’s free if you’re on a paid plan, or $5/month on the free plan. It can safely cache pages so it won’t show a page that’s cached with someone else’s information.

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