Cf-cache-status being BYPASS

I’m using Cloudflare for my Woocomerce website using Super Page Cache for Cloudflare plugin.
I’m randomly getting cf-cache-status as Bypass for Collection pages.
Also, we are getting BYPASS for all the product pages.

Can someone please help me how to get this fixed.

What’s the URL of a page that’s getting BYPASS?

Also, BYPASS (and other status) are described here:

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This is one of the product page:

Product Page

That link didn’t post.
This is one of the product page where the cf-cache-status is coming us as BYPASS.


As the link I posted says, you’ll get a BYPASS if the server returns a cookie.

% curl -svo /dev/null 2>&1 | grep set-cookie
< set-cookie: dokan_product_viewed=269193

Got it. Is there any way we can keep the cookie and still have the page being cached?

No. Cloudflare does not save cookies in cache.

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