Cf-cache missing on CSS & JS files (KeyCDN HIT)

Hello fellow CF users,

We recently setup Cloudflare Pro on our Wordpress site (which is also using KeyCDN through Kinsta Hosting).
When checking the headers, we’re getting both:

  • cf-cache-status HIT on the base URL
  • x-cache HIT (keycdn) headers on all other ressources for that page (CSS, JS)

How do we get Cloudflare to serve all the content through it’s network and stop using KeyCDN?

Thanks for your help.

You need to change your DNS records in a way so that they do not point to your CDN service any more but only to your actual server. Alternatively, if you are actually using CDN URLs, you’d need to change your site so that it does not point to your CDN.

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for your prompt response & help.

I’ve removed KeyCDN completely & purged the Cloudflare cache.
I’m now getting “cf-cache-status: MISS” on all static assets.

What am I doing wrong?


Nothing, Cloudflare won’t have cached these resources yet. It will take a couple of requests for them to be cached.

Please use the search too, as this topic has been addressed more than once.

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