CF-Cache: HIT and CDN-Cache: HIT

I’m using BunnyCDN service with gray cloud. Caching everything is activated as a page rule on Cloudflare. And when I check the header of css or js file, both CF-cache-status and CDN-cache look HIT. Is it a normal situation?


Yes! That is completely normal.

Having a HIT means that it was requested from the origin. Obviously if cf-cache-status is HIT it won’t actually it BunnyCDN and so on…


Thank you for quick response :slight_smile:

So, There is no difference between using BunnyCDN service and using CF as a CDN for js, css and img files in this situation right?


I don’t know BunnyCDN, but they are redundant. If that is a push CDN (meaning you push and fill the cache before requests) and doesn’t add meaningful costs then it could help improve Cloudflare’s performance for cache misses, but it all depends on your use case. They are overlapping in services, though, that’s for sure.


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