CF Bots Blocking Bing Bots

Today I see cloudflare is blocking bing bots when i have allow

That IP address belongs to Microsoft’s infrastructure, but won’t be Bing but most likely from their public infrastructure and someone will be pretending to be Bing. The IP address cannot be verified according to

Hey, whats wrong with bing, i see the same bing says: is NOT a verified Bingbot
but they are also showing they were not able to scan my site and i’m sure that there ip.

Nothing. It simply is not a Bing address.

how can you be sure like that? where are you from? are you able to check why these 6.7k pages showed ERROR : Http 500-599 errors on bing site scan?

Ehm, I addressed that in the first response.

Maybe it is a new address which hasn’t been flagged by Microsoft yet nor by Cloudflare. You could contact Microsoft to verify if this is an official address.

What a mess. Microsoft not aware about their own IP address. I hate Microsoft.

I think you are drawing premature conclusions. You should do some investigation first.

Can you help which options to choose for contacting this issue.

what kind of investigation? can you suggest anything?

I am afraid that is beyond the scope of the forum. You best clarify this with Microsoft or on an SEO forum.


I contacted Microsoft already. will post an update here once i get response from them.