Cf.bot_management.verified_bot vs.

WAF Custom rules define as a good bot.

WAF Rate limiting rules define cf.bot_management.verified_bot as a good bot, apparently.

What’s the diff and if same, why 2 different properties?

Anything with cf.bot_management.* requires an enterprise plan with bot management. Doesn’t provide different information but has a different context.

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i have the free plan and the verified bot choice was there in the dropdown. hard to believe cloudflare would provide that option without it actually working, no warning or anything.


I’m pretty sure that cf.bot_management.verified_bot is used with rate limiting because cf.client isn’t available in rate limiting.

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As for the question

the answer is: none.

Boolean When true, this field indicates the request originated from a known good bot or crawler. Provides the same information as


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