CF blocks img requests with

Hi, I faced the issue CF blocks img requests if “referer” header contains “”, i.e. images here: Should I fill the ticket?

Do you have hotlink protection enabled?

It’s neither my site nor my images so can’t do anything just asking.

You need to contact the site owner.

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This is pretty funny :stuck_out_tongue:

HackerNoon has been a long time trying to get off of, but whoever was actually tasked with doing this didn’t do it completely since you have articles, like the one linked, that still hotlink to medium’s images.

Medium and HackerNoon have had some drama; Via this story, Medium pivoted from a CMS to a blog network that included things like not offering branded URLs for blogs, they wanted them to stop doing their own advertisements, etc.

Since HN is no longer using Medium, it makes sense they don’t want HN to be using their CDN bandwidth, even if Cloudflare is caching a large portion of it.

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