CF Blocking Gtranslate

I am using a plugin called Gtranslate to automatically translate the contents on my site but Cloudflare is blocking the translated pages. I have already whitelisted the IP of Gtranslate on CF firewall but it didnt work. Cloudflare is putting the page to javascript bot page.

How can I fix this? If I deactivate the bot detection in CF, the translated page works fine. But when it’s active I am getting this issue.

Whitelist the ip addresses, i do not have the full one right this moment, but they have several, whitelist all between to the xx.xx.xx.112 to .127

I use it so it works. This needs to be done in manual waf rule, not in firewall rules since botfight mode does not respect those rules.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix error where Gtranslate says to unblock their IP

The thing is I have their IPS already whitelisted on Cloudflare, especially the IP.

You got a paid plan or free plan? I am talking

I use business, and if you do then your i.p is wrong, well not wrong just maybe missing some. In total 15 need to be whitelisted, their tdn network.

Secondly your are whitelisting in tool in waf section? Not the firewall section?

Also handy hint use subdomain cnames with cf do not rely soley on them plus they got no waf to stop scrapers or ad abuse. Their cdn network is just a heap of dedis hosted by ovh in europe. For myself i use full cache plus cache reserve beta, global fast speeds.

Yes, I am also referring to gtranslate .io

I have whitelisted the IP on security > waf > tools and security > waf > firewall-rules but I still can’t fix the issue.


Also, this issue just appeared today but the translation is working these past few days.

I am using the subdirectory for translation btw.

Their support is not really helpful at all. All they say is wait and wait but there’s actually no fix that has been done.

Their support is 100% pathetic to put it mildly, i would say much worse in person, do not bother with online chat, i think its dubious they got rid of their support forms to this chat where the girls have literally no idea, and even if you prove a point they do not understand. I tried leaving a review, got deleted, the developer knows his stuff but is arrogant but we get what we pay for i guess. The only reason I do not switch to Weglot is due to the 199 for URI translations, overall, it is a better product.

Just making sure, do you have it whitelisted like this? This is not all of them, but some of their

ALSO, do not use Cloudflare APO. Do not use workers with it, you will get blank pages.

I found the only way to avoid this is to sub-domains, cache everything, and cache reserve for a great global cache if you want your pages all over the globe, its pretty cheap cache reserve unless you have an auto scraper doing blackhat sc**bag posting with 100s per day, then cost would be high.