CF blocking google crawlers


When I disable the CF proxy I can submit the url for indexing
But as I enable it I cant submit url for indexing

Please help me figure out the issue.

I have 0 Firewall Rules


I am sorry to hear you are experiencing some issue here with submitting URLs to Google.

I hope it’s not a bug on their interface?

Nevertheless …

Kindly, may I ask you to navigate and check Cloudflare dashboard → Firewall tab → Overview if you see any requests being blocked or challenged from Google IPs / AS number?

Furthermore, may I ask you to check what to which option is your Security Level set to under the Firewall → Settings?
Did you maybe enabled the I am under an attack option from the Overview tab of Cloudflare dashboard?

Are the DNS records like A and A www (or a CNAME if you are using this kind of a setup) under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard proxied and set to :orange:?

Thank you for feedback information.

May I ask have you got some entries added in the Firewall → Tools → IP Access Rules section?

Can you share the URL with us so we could test out using Google tools too?

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